About Design Ekatrit, Its a multidisciplinary design studio


We take the best of what a brand lives and breathes and then we amplify that message in ways that are creative, surprising, intelligent and properly reflect the spirit and ethos of the clients we represent.

We help build brands by connecting research, strategy, creatives and production; ensuring all the components are working in harmony with each-other.

Let's Design एकत्रित

A women-run creative studio, EKATRIT was founded in 2019 by Srishti Handa, an alumna of National Institute of Fashion Technology and University of Arts in London. Her philosophy lies in a conscious and collaborative approach. Her credo promotes the concept of togetherness by propelling the indigenous crafts of India and building a design community which connects the versatile minds through digital platforms.

Ekatrit / एकत्रित comes from a Hindi word एक साथ / eka satha, which means Coming Together. Driven by the notion of 'collaborative approach', Ekatrit embodies to inspire diversify people to integrate for a collective goal and seamlessly apply their skills and attributes.

Aiming to provide a versatile and intuitive approach, Ekatrit believes in research oriented roadmap to generate accurate content and strategies which thrive on risks.

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Ekatrit Studio is a creative space which reflects our ideas and vision. Our studio provides the necessary tools, beautiful environment and assistance required for your creative projects. Our studio is open to hire on all days of the week. Book our studio to shoot for an entire day with ease.

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Let's Collaborate

Creativity comes at the seed of an idea. Our strength lies in the ability to combine strong strategic thinking with relevant communication that addresses tangible and creative solutions. By providing a sense of camaraderie, strategic thinking and act as a source of advice, Ekatrit offers to share a passion for Brand’s progress. We would love to explore more opportunities for collaboration where we can assist you.

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